“Julie is a perfect combination of tough and gentle when it comes to handling manuscripts. She understands that sweeping changes are sometimes required, but also that small changes can have a huge impact. So she simultaneously brings a broad vision and a detail-oriented meticulousness to the table. She is just as likely to ask you to go deeper into a character’s thoughts on a particular point as she is to suggest you search for the word ‘just’ because you overuse it. (Not that that ever happened to me.)”

Tara Altebrando, co-author of Roomies

“I will be forever grateful to Julie Scheina’s kind and guiding hand as I wandered through the dark byways of draft after draft of Iron Hearted Violet. The fingerprints of her intelligence, wit and grace are on every page of that book, as well as her deep care and compassion for each character, as they slowly made their way into the world. Thank you, Julie. For everything.”

Kelly Barnhill, author of Iron Hearted Violet

“My editor, Julie Scheina, is a shining and thorough editor. Thank you for your broad vision and your critical eye.”

Cris Beam, author of I Am J

“Julie Scheina gave me just what I was hoping for from an editor: a thorough and lengthy critique of my novel that let me know what worked and what didn’t. She offered a bunch of great suggestions that opened up multiple possibilities to strengthen my plot, improve pacing, and flesh out my characters. My novel is absolutely better thanks to her edits, and I’ll definitely be asking for her help on the next one.”

George Brewington, author of The Monster Catchers

“A huge thank-you to my editor, Julie Scheina, for your tireless enthusiasm and hard work and for always pushing me to look deeper.”

Jennifer Brown, author of Bitter EndPerfect EscapeThousand Words, and Torn Away

“Julie Scheina was absolutely the right choice for my middle-grade fantasy novel and worth every penny! Her ability to cut right to the heart of the message made all the difference, particularly in developing characters readers would root for, embrace, and care about. She also helped me find a crisper, more engaging voice, keeping the action going long enough to build suspense, breaking chapters in the right places, and then moving on to satisfying resolutions at the right time. My advice to other authors she works with is to trust her in helping you know which of your ‘little darlings’ (as Hemmingway would put it) to put on the chopping block so you can create a more dynamic and compelling work of art–not to mention a page-turner! I couldn’t be happier with the finished project.”

Jennifer Cano, author of Hinges of Broams Eld and Death Jars of Broams Eld

“I’ve had professional critiques that only pointed out the faults in a manuscript and left me feeling like giving up. Julie’s was helpful, AND hopeful. Her constructive criticism gave me insights into my manuscript as though I was seeing inside my own story from another perspective, which helped me think through the problems. Her suggestions prompted a variety of ways that I could build on the strengths, raise the stakes, and target my audience better. I will definitely trust Julie with my work from now on, and would strongly recommend her for any writers looking to really dig into their writing and make it stronger. Her guidance is targeted and specific but doesn’t feel harsh, just refreshing!”

April Jo Cervetti, author

“As a recovering journalist trying to break into fiction writing, I worked and reworked numerous drafts of my first YA novel over several years. I knew my story had problems but I wasn’t sure how to fix them. Julie identified the issues clearly, posed questions and offered suggestions aimed at resolving them — and even while recommending a major rewrite, made me feel excited about where my project was going. I am currently finishing my latest (hopefully last) revision based on her comments, and for the first time, the story feels like it is falling naturally into place. Julie’s guidance through this process reflects her magical feel for pace, plot, and character development, and her attention to both the big picture (what is the more unique angle that can sell books) and the fine details (what a teen might realistically say in X situation). Like the finest editors, Julie provides valuable input that guides the writer without being overbearing. She pushes the writer to be better while staying true to his/her ideas, voice, and story. And through it all, she is not only highly professional, turning around projects and responding to questions promptly, but also accessible, enthusiastic, and encouraging. For anyone looking for a brilliant editor who is also super-nice and wonderful to work with, I highly recommend Julie Scheina.”

Kathy Chen, author

“Julie’s work is brilliant! She helped me so much–from story development to better descriptive writing. I highly recommend her to all authors trying to advance their careers!

Bryan Chick, author of the Secret Zoo series

“Julie is amazing to work with, from her prompt response times, to her connection to my manuscript and her overall desire to see my work transform into what I always wanted it to be. I felt very taken care of, and loved how Julie wasn’t afraid to ‘push’ me to do my very best, while still giving me encouragement along the way—the perfect balance for an editor!”

Lindsay Cummings, author of the Murder Complex duology

“I am forever grateful to Julie Scheina and her talent. She drove straight to the heart of my story, delivering it back to me so I could see it all with new eyes. A gift! Her insight and generous spirit leaps off every word of her editorial letter, and her wonderful kindness, too. I find myself returning to her letter often, for so many reasons, and it was utterly invaluable as I revised. I’m beyond lucky to have worked with her.”

Laura Daugherty, author of Notlob

“Working with Julie was a wonderful experience, from our initial introduction through the final editorial letter. With her keen eye and sharp editorial mind, she helped me take my manuscript from polished to pristine while also giving me a renewed confidence in my story and my skills. Not only is she thoughtful and utterly professional, but her specific approach to editorial feedback sparked ideas to strengthen and deepen my story, making each sentence sing. I entered my next revision with a clear idea of what I could do to make my novel its very best.”

Rebekah Faubion, author

“Julie Scheina, my first editor at Little, Brown–for taking this book all the way to the pass pages and pushing me to my limits in the best way. Working with you for the last six years was truly a gift.”

Kami Garcia, author of the Legion series and co-author of the Beautiful Creatures series

“I’m so thankful that I’ve had the chance to work with Julie Scheina. The editorial feedback she provided on my whole manuscript has proven to be just the response I needed to inspire me through a big revision. She asked perceptive, thought-provoking questions that helped me to re-envision my draft and take it to the next level, without ever feeling discouraged. Throughout the whole process of working together, Julie has been incredibly responsive to my emails, and made herself available by phone when I needed to talk. Simply knowing that Julie was there for me to check in with has been a huge bolster to my writing process. I can’t recommend Julie Scheina’s editorial services highly enough!”

Caroline Gertler, author of Many Points of Me

“My son, Evan, and I have worked with Julie on our series, The Tinker and The Fold, through a series of rewrites over the course of a year. We are consistently impressed with Julie’s input both on the technical aspects of our writing as well as with character development, pacing, and plot line consistency. Julie’s attention to detail in the line edits really demonstrated to us the highly analytical approach she takes toward truly understanding the overarching direction of the story and the message we are attempting to communicate with our readers. From this perspective, she is able to guide us through shoring up plot inconsistencies, clarifying POVs, and smoothing out story pacing. Yet while Julie is a master of details, she never loses the forest for the trees. For each rewrite, she has provided us with a comprehensive overview to help us better understand the interplay of characters, themes, and messages within a single book and across the trilogy at large so that readers are not left scratching their heads because our writing took a left when they anticipated a right turn. Her feedback has spawned new chapters, new characters, and new perspectives that have greatly enriched our stories and our education as writers. We look forward to continuing to work with Julie on this and future projects. We highly recommend Julie as a first class editor and collaborator.

Scott and Evan Gordon, authors of The Tinker and The Fold series

“It is a wonderful gift to work with Julie. My experience with her has been a magical dream come true. Her intelligent insight on how to improve my stories is so pertinent, helping me bring to light the best versions of my characters and their narratives. Her soft, supportive and kind nature is nuanced and understanding of a sensitive artist’s needs. She truly is a guiding and supportive light. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Julie on my stories!!”

KiKi Han, author

“Julie Scheina is a master editor, devoted to process and product in the middle-grade fantasy genre. Lucky for me, because it was her experience that drew me to direct her learned eye on my urban fantasy manuscript. What I received was a 6 page document laying out her overall thoughts and suggestions based on Character, Plot, Structure and more details. After our conversation upon receiving that, it would have been plenty to base my subsequent revision on. But, I also received a line by line commentary with further detailed notes on my manuscript. It kind of was overwhelming. After some deep breathes and a moment to calm down, I realize that in the end, I will come away with a vastly superior book! Julie reminds me of the quote from the famous American designer, Charles Eames: ‘The details are not the details. They make the design.’ Well, Julie drills in to the finer details. She forces the writer to create a better product through process. Art resides in the quality of doing the work. It isn’t magic. This stuff takes someone like Julie to help craft it along through process and a considered eye on those details. I come away from this process with Julie legit excited to dive in to these details and craft them out. In the end, I know my manuscript will be that much better and ready for agent/publisher submission. And that is all we really can hope for. And making art. Also the art.”

Brian Hathaway, author

“I’d sort of tied myself in knots working on a project with a boatload of important characters. The pacing was off. The energy was low. Julie very quickly found the faults and the through-lines. With her help, I got the thing chugging along. I love the book now. Julie was great to work with.”

Geoff Herbach, author of Strange Times: The Ghost in the Girl

“Julie Scheina is everything I could have hoped for in an editor – kind, prompt and responsive, and extraordinarily talented. She edits with a deft, yet soft touch. Simply by asking me questions (many, many questions!) she guided me to fleshing out my characters, their world and their story. She helped me see what elements existed only in my head that hadn’t made it onto the page. And she helped me more fully understand my MC’s arc, making it clearer how to hang the story on the scaffolding of that arc. What surprised me the most is how her gentle guidance has made me actually love the revision process, something I have never experienced before. I highly recommend Julie Scheina’s services and would definitely invite her to edit my work again.

Cheryl Renee Herbsman, author of Breathing

Julie Scheina is a brilliant editor and her feedback is absolutely priceless. From the very first email, her knowledge and warm spirit captivated me and I knew she was the right editor for me. The work she did on my manuscript was monumental. She raised questions and thought of ways to improve characters, plot and pacing that only someone truly involved in the story could do. Her keen sense of finding the right message and way to express it made the book much stronger. I couldn’t be happier with my experience with her and cannot wait to work with her again!”

Lisa Hope, author

“Working with Julie was a pleasure both personally and professionally. She took a broad and comprehensive view of the entire novel as a whole, offering suggestions that tied up loose ends, improved the pace and strengthened the story. At the same time, Julie’s chapter-by-chapter analysis was detailed, specific and grounded in thoughtful understanding of each character. She helped me devise an action plan with practical next steps for turning the editorial feedback into the next draft of my book. I also appreciated her creative approach to every problem upon which the characters (or I) were getting stuck. She is a talented editor and an organized and responsive businessperson. I would definitely work with her again!”

Stacey Hughes, author of Delphie and the Diamonds

“Julie is delightful to work with. She is the perfect combination of editor, coach, and cheerleader all rolled into one. It is obvious she cares a great deal about the authors she works with and their work in progress. Most importantly, Julie makes me want to be a better writer.”

Renee Kirchner, author

“Julie Scheina is the kind of editor all writers dream about—enthusiastic, supportive, savvy, detail-oriented. Her instincts about what makes a good story and what works in the marketplace were always spot-on. She helped me hone and shape my three novels, making them far stronger than they would have been without her guidance.”

April Lindner, author of JaneCatherine, and Love, Lucy

“Without her, The Deadliest Earthling would’ve been a totally different book and far less immersive. There is only so much an author can do by himself and she really helped take The Deadliest Earthling to the next level. Thank you, Julie.”

Gibson Morales, author of The Deadliest Earthling

“Julie is a fantastic resource of editorial wisdom for a first time novelist. She probes and asks the tough questions needed to tighten plot, create gripping story threads and generate convincing characters. Her comments are organized in a thoughtful manner throughout my manuscript and tied back to central themes that will drive the narrative forward. I am so lucky to have found her and have fresh confidence in my writing. Next step: Submission!”

Kaia Moritz, author

I was so lucky to find Julie. She offered incredibly detailed insights and suggestions to help me push the story to where it needs to be. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Naoko Matsunaga, author and illustrator

“Julie has a unique ability to get inside the story and problem-solve organically. She’s organized, clear, professional, unerring. I’ll probably never write another book without her help.”

Suzanne Myers, author of I’m from Nowhere and Stone Cove Island

“As an author with 6 traditionally published books, and 12 years in the industry, I must say Julie Scheina is simply one of the best. Her dedication to the craft and attention to detail is unparalleled. Her passion and commitment to excellence shines through in every paragraph on every page. If you want your project to be the masterpiece it’s destined for, integrating Julie’s talent is the best decision you can make.”

Kary Oberbrunner, author of ELIXIR Project

“This story would not have been possible without our editor—Julie Scheina. Julie’s extensive experience with children’s books helped us transform the initial manuscript into a well-written children’s story. Julie, you are awesome!”

Radha and Abhijit Rai, authors of Liktoon’s Boat

“First and foremost, my editor, Julie Scheina, who I am convinced would win the Editor Olympics if there were such a thing. She is clever and wise and kind and all of the other adjectives that would be listed under ‘awesome’ in a thesaurus. My books are a million times better because of her savvy ability to ask all the right questions.”

Jennifer Rush, author of the Altered series

Working with Julie was a joy. I was blown away by her attention to detail — she caught things I never would have noticed, in a manuscript I’d been working on for years! And she really cared about the work and the characters, oftentimes in ways I would never have considered. I also appreciated that in addition to notes and suggestions, she offered specific advice and creative methods to help me come up with what she was asking for — more like a writing coach than just an editor.

Jonathan Sanchez, author and bookseller

“Julie is the very best kind of editor–from the big picture issues to the small polishing details. She’s also the best kind of writing partner, because she truly respects the author as an artist. I’m looking forward to working with her again.”

Suzanne Selfors, author of the Smells Like Dog series, the Imaginary Veterinary series, and Once Upon a Sleepover

“I’ve attended many writing conferences over the years and while they have inspired me, they’ve never directly improved my work. This year, I decided to skip the conferences and spend my writing money on Julie and her edit of my middle grade novel. Wow, what a great investment! Her observations and suggestions have allowed me to revise with confidence—such a gift. Having feedback on the entire manuscript from someone with Julie’s skills feels like a game changer for me.”

Mary Sloat, author of Escape to Japan

“Julie is a fantastic editor. She’s wonderfully insightful and incredibly thorough, and she made my book better by miles. It was a real pleasure to work with her!”

Jennifer E. Smith, author of The Storm Makers

“Julie was a laser — incisive, inventive, wise. Any project would, no doubt, benefit from her work.”

Gideon Sterer, author of Wanted!

“Julie is a dream to work with. She has a gift for identifying problems with a manuscript, so the content of her feedback can be vital. That’s the cake—the icing is Julie’s manner when she gives her critiques. She’s gentle; she’s encouraging; and she offers potential solutions to the issues that she flags. I’ve been working with Julie on a story that I struggled with for years (and years and years) before I reached out to her. Her guidance has been invaluable; I’m far closer now to a successful manuscript than I ever managed to be without her; and I feel very lucky to have found her.”

Julie Sternberg, author of Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie and its sequels, and the Top-Secret Diary of Celie Valentine series

“Julie is my most valued editorial partner. I love that she can not only help me be my best narrative self, but also that I can specifically tell her the kind of read I am looking for, or what I am concerned about, and that she can give me a responsive read that answers all those questions. She has a wonderful depth of publishing industry experience, a commercial sensibility, and a love of craft that make her a unique partner for a writer. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Margaret Stohl, author of the Icons series and co-author of the Beautiful Creatures series

“Working with Julie Scheina is like working with a good friend – if your good friend had professional editorial chops, the creativity of a natural storyteller, and the eye of a detective who can identify inconsistencies and ask all the right questions. Her edits gave me ideas, a new perspective, and a lot more work for the draft of my novel – but most importantly, confidence. She’s an invaluable early filter for any author seeking to be published or, simply, to be better.”

Peter Stone, author of The Perfect Candidate

“Julie gave me a lot of excellent suggestions for improving my middle grade novel, particularly upping the stakes to make the novel more exciting and improving the main character’s arc, motivations, and growth. Julie seems to have a lot of affection for children’s literature and gave me great advice that is pertinent to middle grade. For those of us who don’t have agents yet, it’s hard to get good professional advice — I highly recommend Julie’s editorial services.”

Amy Thernstrom, author of My Six Days of Epic Bravery

“Julie took my writing to the next level with her thoughtful questions and suggestions, really making me look more deeply into my characters and their motivations as well as some plot points that were in serious need of an overhaul. What I loved most about working with her was that she ‘got’ my book, which meant everything she said was completely in line with my vision. She always presented her feedback in a way that enabled me to discover solutions on my own. Her trust in me as an author only made me want to work harder to improve the book and my craft. It was extraordinary to work with such an insightful, smart and giving editor. I am so grateful she was my guide.”

Denise Vega, author of Rock On: A Story of Guitars, Gigs, Girls, and a Brother (Not Necessarily in That Order)

“Julie Scheina edited my manuscript and absolutely transformed it for the better. Julie’s insight helped me shape my book into what I wanted it to be all along. Her input was 100% invaluable.”

Hannah West, author of Kingdom of Ash and Briars

“I found Julie after trawling through 10s, if not 100s of editorial service websites, looking for the right person to review my first book. Julie’s sparkling personality, enthusiasm and editorial talent shine through her website, testimonials and her correspondence. I was thrilled with her detailed editorial comments, not only because they have infinitely improved the pace of my book, but also because Julie has inspired me to weave magic into the story that wasn’t previously there. Best of all, her direction and encouragement have made me unstoppable in my pursuit to finish and publish!”

Suzanne Westgate, author of The Joneses and the Pirateers series

“After receiving a rough round of feedback on my already-agented novel, I hired Julie because I knew I needed more help than my readers could provide. Julie gave me very detailed feedback that helped me to reign in my ideas and focus on the story. Working with her was a crucial step in turning my idea into an actual book.

Kate Williams, author of The Babysitters Coven

“After finishing my first novel, I contacted Julie for a full manuscript review. Having never worked with an editor before I was apprehensive upon receiving the result, but after reading the review I found Julie’s work to be extremely thoughtful and thorough, with notes reflecting obvious time spent on the project. There were plot holes that I didn’t catch, and some very valuable suggestions as to how to improve the depth of my story and the characters within. I can highly recommend Julie!”

Emilia Ann Winter, author of The Eavesham Files

“It’s a blessing to have access to the incredibly professional and brilliant Julie Scheina. Her work is detailed and intensely smart. She steered me deeper into my novel by asking questions that allowed me to better understand my characters, story world, and pacing. She offered up concrete pointers and suggestions in a clear and actionable format. Her creative mind lit a fire under my own creativity and helped me improve my writing craft.  She mined my story right down to the bones and could go toe-to-toe in a discussion on any point, making her the kind of creative partner writers dream about. Julie’s love of books is obvious and her industry knowledge is invaluable. I can’t say enough good things about working together. While there are many editors out there, Julie’s skills and experience put her hands down at the top.

Sue Wyshynski, author of The Butterfly Code

“Julie Scheina, you are amazing. Thank you for holding the lantern high.”

Sara Zarr, author of The Lucy Variations and co-author of Roomies

“I am writing my first book, after retiring from teaching. Being new at this I am especially grateful for Julie’s approach. She has given me overall guidance on how to proceed as a writer, an explicit analysis of my draft, and detailed suggestions for the text itself. As I have applied her suggestions I have learned a lot about my own writing strengths and weaknesses, which is just what I needed to make my book the best it can be. She has provided a balance of clear criticism and supportive encouragement and I know my book will be better for it.”

Carla, middle grade author and freelance client

“Working with Julie was such a pleasure! After revising my manuscript for several years, I was eager for objective feedback, and Julie provided that priceless perspective. She took the time to get to know my characters and the world they lived in. Her insights and questions pushed my thinking to a new and better place. My latest revision was fresher and my book much improved after working with her, and I will certainly turn to her again!”

Middle grade author and freelance client

“After revising my novel umpteen times, I was having significant trouble finding clarity. Something just wasn’t clicking and I couldn’t put my finger on what that was. Julie was instrumental in helping me root out the story within the story. Her insight was invaluable and led me to better understand my overall goals. Julie never had a shortage of ideas and she presented each one with the caveat that I would be choosing and molding her notes to best fit my needs. She understands that the writer is steering the ship, and she is willing to be your compass, if you’ll let her in. She can also fix up your shoddy metaphors!”

Middle grade author and freelance client

The process of working with Julie far exceeded my expectations, and I’d highly recommend her editorial services to picture book writers. She carefully considered many aspects of my picture book manuscript by identifying strengths, weaknesses, and areas in need of improvement.  I now have a much better understanding of the revisions I need to tackle before I submit. Also, our follow-up discussion was an invaluable, insider-look into the process of submitting to publishers, tailored to my book idea. Hire Julie if you want to get your work in the hands of an expert who knows the kid-lit publishing industry.”

Picture book author and freelance client

Julie is a brilliant editor. While working through her notes and edits, I found myself in awe of her brain! She is excellent at weeding out unnecessary sentences and entire passages, and I completely trust her judgment about how to tighten up the writing and the overall story. She’s so good at finding what’s needed to propel a narrative forward. Thanks to Julie’s careful and thoughtful read, I already feel much more confident about my manuscript. And the amazing thing is, I’m actually enjoying the revision process rather than dreading it. I highly recommend Julie, and can’t wait to work with her again on a future project.”

Young adult author and freelance client

Publishing Colleagues

“It’s rare to encounter an editor with as much skill, enthusiasm, and dedication to her craft as Julie Scheina. She excels at respecting an author’s voice while suggesting the sorts of changes, large and small, that shape a manuscript into something outstanding. As an editorial colleague at a major publisher, I saw firsthand the ways in which Julie’s sensitivity, insight, and encouragement were central to the success of numerous bestselling and award-winning books.

Barbara Bakowski, Senior Copy Editor, Random House Children’s Books

“After having worked with Julie at Little, Brown for a number of years, I can say with confidence that I’d trust her with any project.  Her editorial instincts–from spotting talent to knowing just what a manuscript needs–are truly exceptional.”

Nancy Conescu, Associate Publisher, Berbay Publishing

“Julie is an extraordinary talent. She possesses a deft touch with authors and illustrators and an uncanny ability to elevate every story she touches — the writing, the flow, and perhaps most importantly, the overall narrative arc. Julie transformed a couple of engaged submissions from questionable usability to enthralling, wonderful outcomes. I have repeatedly been in awe of Julie’s skills and recommend her unequivocally.

Bram Hall, Founder, Kabook!

“I worked with Julie Scheina for over six years, and can say with supreme confidence that she is a superstar editor. Whether she was editing a #1 New York Times bestselling series or a literary novel with award potential, she gave each project equal attention. She has a keen editorial eye, is savvy about the market, always gives thoughtful and insightful feedback, and is beloved by authors, agents, and colleagues alike.”

Alving Ling, Vice President, Editor-in-Chief, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

“Julie Scheina is one of the most dedicated and insightful editors I have had the privilege to work with. She’s meticulous and firm, generous and unbiased. She taught me a tremendous amount as an editor by just being her competent and expedient self.”

Joe Monti, Executive Editor, Saga Press, an imprint of Simon & Schuster

If I were to write my own book, I would be honored to have Julie Scheina as my editor. In the seven years she worked in the editorial department at Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, she continually impressed me with her intelligent and thoughtful approach to the craft of editing, deep respect for writers, excellent communication skills, and professional poise. Her broad editorial range enabled her to work on a diverse list projects, including contemporary commercial fiction, fantasy, science fiction, and poetry and her first-hand knowledge of the publishing industry would be invaluable to writers as they embark on their careers.”

Megan Tingley, Executive Vice President and Publisher, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Julie Scheina’s developmental editing made my job as copyeditor so much easier—her summary of the manuscript and her work with the author allowed me to start the copyediting work right away, without having to do background reading or discuss editorial issues with the author.”

Deborah Siegel, Freelance Editor and former Associate Editor, ASCD

Literary Agents

“I had the pleasure of working with Julie Scheina over many years on a variety of different projects. She always brought her very best to every job, giving authors the individualized attention each required, never approaching a manuscript with a one-size-fits-all mindset. The books she worked on were better for her effort, and the writers she worked with better authors.”

Michael Bourret, Literary Agent, Dystel, Goderich & Bourrett LLC

Working with Julie Scheina is sheer pleasure. She is detail-oriented on all fronts — from the editorial to the administrative — but also able to see the larger picture in every situation. I miss being able to work with her in-house, but am delighted that she has hung her shingle up and is therefore still available to us all. I know many great books will emerge from this!”

Sarah Burnes, Literary Agent, The Genert Company

“It is tough for an agent to share reading and submissions with a freelancer; taste and judgement are so personal. But Julie is the best reader I’ve worked with, and invaluable in helping me remain constantly open to new material. Her commercial and aesthetic instincts are finely tuned and always backed by extensive, current market knowledge. As I sift the flood of queries and manuscripts, Julie is an invaluable ally!”

Sarah Davies, Literary Agent, Greenhouse Literary Agency

When I think of Julie Scheina, I think of her warmth, her intelligence, her good humor, her keen editorial insights, and her enthusiasm. My author greatly enjoyed working with her on her book, and I, too, have nothing but the most positive things to say about our experience working with her. I only wish she’d not left New York!”

David Dunton, Literary Agent, Harvey Klinger

“Julie is an incredibly thoughtful and careful editor who understands how to identify quickly what an author is trying to do and help them do it even better. Her tastes are diverse, and she understands that different books (and authors) require different approaches. I always know that no matter what kind of manuscript I give to Julie, it will leave her hands in better shape than when she got it.”

Steven Malk, Literary Agent, Writers House

“Julie has impeccable taste and is thoughtful and thorough—one of the most hand-on editors I’ve encountered. She has a keen eye and a strong hand but never loses sight of the author’s intent or purpose. She digs deep, and the projects she works on are better for it.”

Jim McCarthy, Literary Agent, Dystel, Goderich & Bourrett LLC

“As I agent, I’ve worked with Julie for many years. She’s everything a writer needs and wants in an editor: perceptive, with a keen ear, and always professional, while still being warm and friendly.

Wendy Schmalz, Literary Agent, Wendy Schmalz Agency

“Julie Scheina is an incredibly perceptive, thoughtful editor. She has been a true pleasure to work with throughout the years, and my clients and their novels have benefited immensely from her guidance, her enthusiasm, and her keen editorial instincts.”

Amy Williams, Literary Agent, The Williams Company